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09 June 2022


Enable Laravel Horizon (Part 2 - The Easy Way)

If you’ve been following the Laravel Horizon series blog, you must’ve felt a little pain while deploying a Laravel app for which you require Laravel Horizon dashboard to monitor jobs. We’ve decided to come up with an easier solution! Recently, we released Laravel Horizon support in Cleavr that’s available in the Feature Lab.

Let’s first quickly provision a server and create a Laravel site.

Laravel Horizon Site

From the screenshot above, you can see that I’ve created a Laravel site, enabled SSL, and created the database required for our Laravel app. That’s how amazing Cleavr really is. ;)

Now, let’s head over to the webapp section. From Webapp > Settings > Code Repository, I’ll first update the repository details. I’ll be using https://github.com/anishghimire862/laravel-horizon-example for the demonstration purpose.

Laravel Horizon Repo Config

Now, head over to Deployments page (Webapp > Deployments) and click on Deploy button so that our app gets deployed, and we can enable Laravel Horizon.

Once the webapp is deployed go back to the Webapp Settings page again and change the tab to Laravel Horizon and click on Enable Laravel Horizon button.

Enable Laravel Horizon - Cleavr

Once you’ve clicked the button you’ll receive an alert saying Laravel Horizon enabled in just a few seconds.

Now you can visit your Horizon dashboard (/horizon unless you’ve not used a custom domain). If you’re using a custom domain for Horizon dashboard, you can update the URI that we display in Cleavr with the help of update button.

No more SSH’ing into the server, installing this and that, copying config files, etc! One single click and… BOOM! The Horizon dashboard is live. We took care of the creating config, starting/restarting, and terminating Horizon process. Actually, we love converting a boring task to a fun one at Cleavr. ;-)

You can also Pause or Continue the Horizon service using the option available in Ellipsis at the right side.

Larvael Horizon Dashboard

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