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Cleavr is elegantly packaged with everything you need to manage your servers and deploy your apps.

Cleavr is elegantly wrapped with everything you need to manage your cloud servers and deploy your web apps.

Server Provisioning

Cloud provider integrations
DigitalOcean, AWS EC2, Hetzner, UpCloud, Linode, Vultr, and Oracle.
Create and ready new servers on your cloud provider account.
Load Balancers
Provision, configure, and deploy web apps to Load Balancer server cluster.
Ubuntu, NGINX, Redis, Memcached, and Supervisor by default.
Optimize Servers
Optimize servers based on what apps they'll host or what service they'll provide.
Bring your own server to connect to if you want to use your own preferred provider.
Fail2Ban, UFW port configuration, and enabling SSH access are all set during provisioning.
NodeJS 12.x/14.x/15.x/16/x, PHP 7.2 - 8.0, MariaDB 10.4, MySQL 5.7/8.0, and PostgreSQL 12/13

Sites and apps

Supports standard NodeJS apps with additional features for Adonis, Nuxt, Directus, and Strapi.
Supports standard PHP apps with additional features for Laravel applications.
1-Click WordPress installations to get going faster.
Version control integrations
Fetches and builds projects from your GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket accounts.
Site isolation
Keep apps on servers hosting multiple applications more secured.
Free SSL
All sites can leverage free SSL certs from LetsEncrypt, or add your own custom certs.
Free test domains
Make use of a free Cleavr test domain to quickly create and launch test apps.
Create and manage temporary and permanent redirects.
Enable and configure NGINX cache for non-PHP sites and FastCGI cache for PHP sites.
Domain level authentication is available to keep sites a secret until you're ready.
Quick db connections
Creates database and adds connections for Adonis, Laravel, Strapi, Directus, and WordPress apps.
Site staging
Stage your sites before making them live.

Companies and teams

Add team members
Pro accounts can add team members (additional rates apply).
Assign resources
Create teams and assign which resources teams can access.


View your server's available memory, CPU utilization, and uptime in real-time.
Web server
Real-time total requests, request type, and responses.
See real-time connections, queries, query types, and bandwidth.
Quick glance at your server's CPU, memory, and web requests.


Storage integrations
Store on DigitalOcean Spaces, AWS S3, an SFTP server, or your server's local storage.
Backup your MySQL, MariaDB, and Postgres databases.
File system
Select directories to be backed up to keep your records safe.
Configure how often your records are backed up and be notified when complete.


Automatically deploy your apps when you push updates to GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.
Ensure you're deploying what you intend and view health check statistics.
Multi-server deployments
Configure your web app to deploy to a single or multi-server architecture.
Deployment hooks
Hooks are automatically created for your app type and you can add your own custom hooks.
Deploy a previous deployment if you need to rollback.
Environment variables
Manage .env variables and restart application after synchronization.
Be notified when deployment complete successfully, if they fail, or when cancelled.

Production log report

Adonis and NodeJS
Production log reports are available for Adonis and other NodeJS applications.
PM2 Logs
View PM2 Logs post deployments for time-saving troubleshooting.

DNS Records

DNS integrations
Manage records in Cleavr and they'll sync with your Cloudflare or DigitalOcean account.
Record types
A, CNAME, TXT, and MX records can be created without ever having to leave Cleavr.

And more!

Cron jobs
Configure cron job operations and run-time intervals for your servers.
Process monitors
Set monitors to keep watch of processes on your servers.
Start, stop, refresh services and configure PHP and NGINX settings.
PM2 and cluster mode
NodeJS apps have PM2 and cluster mode configured by default.
SSH keys
Manage frequently used SSH keys, user access, and quickly apply to servers.
Dark mode
When your eyes need a break, set Cleavr to dark mode.
Notifications keep you and your team aware when something important happens.
GitHub Actions
Build your NodeJS apps with GitHub Actions, no additional configuration required!
Quick Scripts
Create custom scripts to run on your servers.
Quick Commands
Create app-based scripts specific to your apps. A library of Laravel apps pre-configured

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