For Managed
Hosting Providers

Cleavr helps you with some of the heavy lifting by making server provisioning, setup, configuration, and management a cinch.


Cleavr helps you with your hosting business

Your customers work with you to make their lives easier. Cleavr aims to help you make your life easier. 😃

  • Provision servers

    Provision servers to host your customer's apps. Cleavr integrates with popular Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers - DigitalOcean, AWS, Linode, Vultr, or Hetzner. Or, bring your own custom provider!

  • Install dependencies

    Select the environment your customers need and Cleavr makes it happen. Alpas, Laravel, WordPress, PHP, Node.js, and plain ol' static HTML are installed at a click of the button.

  • Setup databases

    Install MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL and setup databases. Cleavr carves out databases for your customer's websites and apps and you can control access for additional users.

  • Secured sites

    Having Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) installed for your customer's sites is a must these days. Many browsers and web technologies require it. Ensure sites are secured with SSL at no extra costs.

  • Deploy websites and apps

    Deploy your customer's websites and apps for the world to see. Click a button to deploy or automate with push to deploy using your favorite version control provider, like GitHub.

  • Manage servers with advanced knobs and buttons

    For more advanced needs, configure PHP and nginx settings, restart services, add cron jobs and process monitors, manage URL redirects, and create custom deployment hooks.


Simply priced for what you need

DIY server and deployment management is a PITA! Cleavr makes it a breeze.

One Simple Price


$15 /month
  • Unlimited server provisioning

  • Unlimited deployments

  • Server monitoring

  • Automatic Backups

  • Log reports

  • Process monitors and cron jobs

  • And tons more!

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