Simply priced for what you need

DIY server and deployment management is a PITA! Cleavr makes it a breeze.

One Simple Price


$15 /month
  • Unlimited server provisioning

  • Unlimited deployments

  • Server monitoring

  • Automatic Backups

  • Log reports

  • Process monitors and cron jobs

  • And tons more!

“ is the first service that really covers all my demands. Super stable and the support is ridiculously fast and they really put their efforts toward making customers happy.”

Plan comparison

Servers unlimited
Sites unlimited
Web apps unlimited
Deployments unlimited
All app types

AdonisJS, Laravel, Alpas, WordPress, PHP, NodeJS, static html

All VPS provider options

DigitalOcean, Hetzner, AWS, Linode, UpCloud, Vultr, and Custom

All VC provider options

GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab

All database options

MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB

GitHub Actions integration
Canary - site and deployment health checks
Site isolation
Server monitoring
Process monitors
Webapp Log Report
Cron jobs
NGINX caching
Cluster mode for NodeJS / AdonisJS
Site authentication
Customize deployment hooks
Customize PHP settings
Customize NGINX settings
Slack notifications
Services management
Services heartbeat
Free SSL certs
Custom SSL certs
Redirects management
Deployment logs
Manage env variables
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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a free trial?

Of course! Once you sign up, your 5-day free trial will begin.

Do you have other plans available?

For now, we just have one plan (Growth) available as we are working on continuing to build out Cleavr. We're moving quickly, but smartly, to really make Cleavr the best server and app management tool out there. Check out our release notes to see what's new. We've been releasing new updates about 3 times a week. 🚀

In the future, we'll have a lower tier and a higher tier. But don't worry, everything you get with the plan you purchase today, you'll still have in the future - plus all of the 🍬🍫🍭 we're continuing to provide.

Do you offer discounts?

Students, non-profits, and individuals from low-income regions are eligible for a 50% off discount. Email us at from the email you signed up with and provide proof of your status. We'll review and apply a discount if you qualify.

Have an open source project? tell us about your project and we'll consider sponsoring you by providing Cleavr at no cost! We just ask that you display Cleavr as a sponsor and link back to our website from your README.

Why use Cleavr and not just do it myself?

Like most things, you can certainly choose to manage servers and deployments yourself! However, if you've done it before, you know it isn't fun, is time consuming, and takes valuable time away from concentrating on your web apps. How you value your time is up to you. Cleavr is here to help you take care of mundane tasks so you can focus your energy on what you'd rather be doing while resting assured that Cleavr has you covered.

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