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Setting up and managing servers and deployments is complicated. Cleavr makes it painless and convenient for you so that you can put more focus into other areas of your work-life.

Cleavr elegantly wrapped with everything you need to manage your servers and deploy your apps.

Complete Server Management

The control center for your VPS servers

Cleavr connects with your VPS Provider account (AWS, Hetzner, Vultr, UpCloud, Hetzner, Linode, or bring your own server) to act as the all-in-one control center for creating new servers, configuring them with the necessary environments and packages to run your PHP and NodeJS apps, setting up and optimizing NGINX, and enforcing additional security measures to keep your servers secured.

Most VPS (Virtual Private Server - aka cloud hosting) providers are a PaaS (platform as a service) and simply offer server space for you to use. From there, it's up to you to figure out how to image your server, set it up with appropriate environments and packages, and to set up and configure a web server, such as NGINX, to correctly serve your websites and apps. This whole process is very time consuming, costly, and can quickly become a huge PITA.

Cleavr brings it all together

With Cleavr there is no need to figure out all the things you need to do to deploy and host your composable apps plus take backups, monitor your servers, and other core processes.

Cleavr brings all of the essentials to your fingertips
  • Provision new servers
  • Configure servers to run your PHP and NodeJS apps; including special attention for NuxtJS, NextJS, AdonisJS, Laravel, Strapi CMS, Directus, and WordPress apps
  • Monitor server and database activity
  • Automatic database and filesystem backups
  • Manage, configure, and troubleshoot services
  • Deploy your applications; to a single or to multiple web servers behind a load balancer
  • Enable and configure NGINX caching, including FAST CGI caching for PHP apps
  • Set process monitors and cron jobs
  • And tons more!

All without leaving Cleavr and with just a couple of clicks!

Cleavr saves you time and money

Setting up new servers is a time-consuming venture. When you include the additional time necessary for day-to-day management of servers and deployments, this only serves to take time away from more important things - like enhancing your app, providing support for your customers, and spending time growing your business.

On top of that, using several tools to handle the myriad of operations, such as a tool for provisioning and configuring servers, another for backups, another for monitoring, and even more for managing cron jobs, process monitors, deployments, site health, production app logs, and so on, all pile up in terms of costs. Plus, it spreads your attention across multiple applications.

Cleavr reduces the bloat of your toolbox and provides you with what you need to effectively, and efficiently, manage severs and deployments for your NodeJS and PHP web applications at an affordable cost.

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