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Cleavr provisions WordPress ready servers and installs WordPress in just a couple clicks. Need more juice? Easily dial up advanced configuration settings.

WordPress content management systemSetup and deploy WordPress CMS
PHP web developmentSetup and deploy PHP websites and apps
MySQL relational databaseInstall and use MySQL database
MariaDB relational databaseInstall and use MariaDB databases

Provision WordPress ready servers

  • Choose your preferred cloud provider

    Cleavr integrates with many popular cloud providers; including DigitalOcean, Hetzner, UpCloud, AWS, Linode, and Vultr. Have a different provider you'd like to use? Bring your own custom provider!

  • Prepare your server

    WordPress requires PHP and your choice of MySQL or MariaDB databases. Cleavr has you covered.

  • Set up your WordPress site

    Add your WordPress site with a click of a button. Once Cleavr installs WordPress, you can head over to your brand new site and work through the WordPress setup screens.

Provision servers to run your WordPress site and configure PHP settings

Power up WordPress

  • Make advanced configurations

    PHP's default settings are set low. Simply increase settings, such as file upload size, so that you can download and install popular plugins.

  • Backup files and databases

    Automatic backups keep your records safe. Supports AWS S3, Wasabi, BackBlaze, DO Spaces, SFTP, and local server storage.

  • Enable cron jobs and process monitors

    Automate the mundane recurring tasks with cron jobs and monitor advanced processes. All within Cleavr.

Monitor WordPress host server

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