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21 July 2023



How to deploy Filament 2 apps

We're excited to see more and more users taking advantage of Cleavr to deploy their Filament 2 applications! We understand that some of you may have run into a few issues, so we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. This blog will provide you with some easy steps to help you deploy your Filament apps.

Filament is an easy-to-use tool for creating a user-friendly administration interface. It's a great way to help you manage your content quickly and efficiently.

To get started, I've forked a demo application that we'll use as we go through this blog together.

Let’s get started by creating a Laravel site.

Create Filament Site

To ensure a smooth experience, make sure to turn on the 'Make NGINX compatible with Livewire' option. You also have the choice of either MySQL or Postgres databases - select whichever works best for you.

Sites List

Now that the site is created, let's go over to the Deployment Workflow and configure the repo settings, and manage credentials so we can get everything up and running.

Head over to the Deployment Workflow > Settings > Basic page to configure your repo settings. Here, you can easily select the Filament repository you'd like to deploy.

Repo Settings

If you're just getting started with Filament, you can quickly get started by forking the repository from https://github.com/anishghimire862/filament-demo

Great! Now that your repo is all set up, let's get your app specific credentials updated. You can do this from the Environment page.

Filament Env

We are ready to deploy the application. Let's head over to the Recent Deployments page and start the deployment by clicking the Deploy button.

Once the deployment completes, your Filament app is now accessible.


I hope that this blog will be helpful while deploying Filament applications.

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