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22 February 2024


Happy new year!

This is our first Cleavr Slice newsletter of 2024 and we wanted to reflect a bit on some of the major features from 2023 and to give a glimpse of what 2024 has in store.

First off - if you haven't taken a look at the Laboratory in a while, be sure to take a look! We add new goodies to the Lab often and you can request early access.

One more thing... Adonis v6 is now officially supported! Version 6 came out just a few weeks ago and it is 🔥.


Here's what you can currently find in the Lab:

  1. Email Change - if you need to change your email, request this feature; just to note, this is not compatible if your login method is via Google or GitHub oAuths
  2. Floating Deployment Banner - this is a sticky banner that persists through the deployment workflow section where you can see the current status of your active deployments
  3. IPv6 Support - currently, for Hetzner, Digital Ocean, and Vultr hosting provider options
  4. AWS Route 53 - another integration for managing your DNS records
  5. Deployment Scripts - if you have a need for building your own raw deployment scripts, this is the feature for you!

2023 In Review

As every year has been since we've launched Cleavr in 2020, 2023 was a year packed for of new features and enhancements.

  1. PM2 Environment sync - as frameworks are increasingly sun-setting support for production .env files, this is a must for newer versions of Strapi and Nuxt
  2. New code editor and syntax highlighting - it's now wayyyyy easier to edit code elements from within Cleavr
  3. Edit WordPress configs from Cleavr - related to the above, you can now edit WordPress config file from Cleavr so you don't have to access your server directly
  4. S3 Compatible backups - for backup solutions that we don't integrate with right now, but that are S3 compatible
  5. Porkbun DNS management - another DNS management option
  6. Node v20 support - the latest and greatest version of Node
  7. Server Maintenance - restart server, fix directory ownership, clean disk space, and fix PHP sudoers list
  8. Telegram notifications support - another option for becoming aware of deployments and backups statuses


What's In Store For 2024

In addition to what's already in the Laboratory, we're currently working on a new "Business" plan for Cleavr. We plan on migrating the teams feature away from the Pro plan and make team management available in the Business tier at a flat cost. Already have a teams account? Don't worry! You'll be grandfathered into the new plan.

We'll also be working heavily on our onboarding experience for new customers as well as introducing some pretty awesome new features and enhancements!

2024 will be another exciting year! If there is anything you would love to see in Cleavr, let us know in our forum!

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